FPRLogoViewer allows you to view logos from Fire Pro Wrestling Returns save data.


Supported File Formats

There are a myriad of PS2 save formats out there, and FPRLogoViewer only supports a few of them (as well as raw logo rips).


The program is pretty straightforward; the hardest part will be getting the Fire Pro Returns save data, which is beyond the scope of this guide.

Default View

A picture of the program after being launched. There are three sections in the main form. The leftmost section is a gray box, where the logo image gets loaded. The middle section contains the Cursor Color. The rightmost section contains the Color Table, which has a drop-down box.

The default view upon starting the program. There are three sections, laid out in a row.

Logo Image

The leftmost box is where the logo image will appear. Move the mouse cursor inside of the box to see more information on the status bar, as well as see the color in the Cursor Color section. Clicking inside of the box will change the active color table index.

Cursor Color

The middle section shows you what color is under your cursor when it's in the Logo Image box.

Color Table

The rightmost box contains the Color Table. Each logo has 64 possible colors. You can either change the active value in the drop-down box, or click on a pixel in the Logo Image area.

Open Logo

The File → Open menu item allows you to open a supported file format containing one or more Fire Pro Wrestling Returns logos.

Select Logo
The Select Logo dialog contains a list of six items, 'Logo 1' to 'Logo 6', giving the status of each logo as 'Logo Exists' or 'No Logo'. (In this instance, the first five logos are filled (marked 'Logo Exists'), and Logo 6 is marked 'No Logo'.) Below the listbox are two buttons, 'OK' and 'Cancel'.

When opening a save file, you can choose what logo is loaded. The entries will have "Logo Exists" if a logo exists in the slot or "No Logo" if a logo is not present.

Save Logo

The File → Save menu item allows you to export the logo to a PNG file.

Logo View

A picture of the program after a logo is loaded. The leftmost area now has a logo, or in this case, a checkerboard pattern in the upper left hand corner. The cursor is over a transparent color, so the middle section's color swatch is the same color as the form. The rightmost section has color number 1, #FFFFFF/white active.

Upon opening/selecting a logo, the image will be loaded into the box, and the color table will be populated.


This program is released under the terms of the MIT License.