FPRLogoTool allows you to import and export logos from Fire Pro Wrestling Returns save data.


Supported File Formats

There are a myriad of PS2 save formats out there, and FPRLogoTool only supports a few of them.


The program is pretty straightforward; the hardest part will be getting the Fire Pro Returns save data, which is beyond the scope of this guide.

A picture of the program after being launched. The form contains a large box where the logo images get loaded.

The default view upon starting the program. The large box in the middle of the form will contain the logos once a save file is opened (via File → Open).

A picture of the program after a save file is loaded. In this example, two logos appear in the first two slots.

Once a save is loaded, click on a logo to select it. This will enable the Import and Export options found in the program.

Import Raw Logo

This option imports logo data from the Fire Pro Wrestling Returns raw logo format.

Import from GIF

This option imports a logo from a GIF file. Restrictions with regards to GIF importing are as follows:

Export Raw Logo

This option exports the logo data in the raw format expected by Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

Export to PNG

This option exports the logo as a PNG file, retaining any alpha transparency.


This program is released under the terms of the MIT License.